Mask Group 3

Next generation bioadhesive technology inspired by nature

powered by science

Rapid and robust bioadhesive technology engineered to mimic nature’s ability to adhere to wet and challenging surfaces.

The Problem

Adhesion to Biological Tissues

Rapid Bonds

Wet Surfaces

Contaminated and Uneven Surfaces

Nature-Inspired Technology

Learning from Nature to Achieve Rapid, Robust Tissue Adhesion


Clean and adhere to uneven and contaminated surfaces

Spider Webs

Instantly dry and adhere to wet surfaces

SanaHeal’s Solutions

Diverse Form Factors for Various Applications & Indications

75% Medical*

20% Cosmetics

5% Research

*Research Use Only, Not for Human Use





Published Articles


Product Applications

Our Team + Advisors

We are a small, tight-knit group of innovators and scientists who are exploring courageous new ideas to solve long-standing challenges in healthcare using our bioadhesive technology.

Publications & Media Highlights

Platform Technologies & Pre-Clinical Studies Published in Prestigious Peer-Reviewed Journals

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