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Turning to nature for answers

Our Technology

Inspired by barnacle glue and a spider web’s ability to adhere to wet, contaminated, and uneven surfaces, our team has developed breakthrough bioadhesive technology that can be applied and is biocompatible. Using safe synthetic and plant-driven biomaterials, we are able to create bioadhesives in many forms that can be used in numerous applications.

Barnacle’s capability to clean and adhere to contaminated surfaces:

Spider web’s capability to instantly dry and adhere on wet surfaces:

Robust adhesion and captured prey Instant adhesion on wet surface

Bioadhesive paste for rapid and coagulation-independent control of hemorrhage

Bioadhesive patch for rapid and fluid-/air-tight seal of organ injuries

How it Works

SanaHeal’s bioadhesives are designed to repel contaminants and absorb excess moisture from the surface, allowing the adhesive to come in direct contact with the biological tissues. Once the bioadhesive contacts the tissue it swells, absorbing water and forming physical and chemical bonds to create a near-instant air- and liquid-tight seal.


Our material can overcome excessive body fluids and moisture to create an instant and strong adhesion that can be applied to the most difficult clinical and biological settings. The material used in our next generation bioadhesive technology does not rely on any biological response to adhere to wet tissue, rapidly and robustly.

Power of Platform

Our material can take various forms and shapes to best serve each applicational unmet need. The versatility of our platform also allows incorporation of a wide range of functions including drug delivery and electrical conductivity.

Publications & Media Highlights

Platform Technologies & Pre-Clinical Studies Published in Prestigious Peer-reviewed Journals

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